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Last Updated: Jul 07, 2019
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Exclusive Content: We film all of our own spankings. You won't find content from other websites on our site, nor will you find our content on any other sites (expect for preview videos when we market our site on other sites).

Member's Area Updates: As of November 2016, we made a significant change to our system to provide automated and computerized updates. This means that we can upload and schedule updates to the Member's Area in advance and schedule the updates in our database so they become live automatically. The 'Next Scheduled Update' date that is listed towards the top of the website is the next scheduled update. Sometimes we may add content earlier than that date; however, this is the next scheduled update. In the event that there is a technical issue that somehow prohibits the new content from being added on that scheduled date then we will work to resolve the technical issue as soon as possible and get the new content updated in the Member's Section. If there is an extended period of time when debugging a technical issue (one day or longer) then we will post a message explaining the situation and when you can expect the Member's Area to be updated.

As of January 2018, we have begun adding three video clips per week (typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday). We also typically add the screen grabs or other content Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, for a total of six days of updates per week. This is subject to change without notice in the future; however, we have no plans to decrease the number of updates per week.

Video Format: We currently primarily use .WMV and .MP4 video format. The .WMV and .MP4 formats can be dowloaded and saved to your PC. The highest resolution at this time is 1080x720 in .WMV format. The .MP4 format can also be streamed, and the two resolutions that we most commonly use are 480x320 and 720x480.

Spanking Videos: Our girls are usually spanked for approximately least 60 minutes, if they are able to last the entire hour. That's 60+ minutes of spanking time! These spankings are broken down into many different clips (scenes). We use different implements and put the girls in different positions for different scenes to keep things fresh. We use many different implements, such as hand, paddles, canes, leather paddles, riding crops, whips, brushes, leather straps, belts and more!

Three Camera Angles: We use three cameras for virtually all of our clips. One is focused on the girl's face, one is focused on the girl's butt and one is used as a 'wide shot' to show the girl's entire body or most of her body. We then use all three of these views when editing our videos. So you'll see a mix of all three camera angles in our videos! Sometimes, if we think that a particular camera angle is particularly erotic, we will add the clip as a "bonus" and only show that one angle. For example, if a girl is crying or showing very sexy facial expressions, we will post the scene with just that camera angle. However, we will also post the version of the scene with all three camera angles too.

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