January 2019 - New Models Coming Very Soon....and we want to hear your requests!
Regardless if you're a member or not, we want to hear what you want to see in the next videos.
E-Mail me at webmaster@GirlsSpankedHard.com

As far as the models go, what kind of body style, hair type, tattoos (yes or no), etc?
As far as model personality, reserved and quiet, nerdy, girl-next-door, naughty, college girl, slightly older professional, etc?
As far as clothing, tight jeans, nice dresses, plaid skirts, tight leggings, cotton panties, silk panties, thongs, etc?
As far as the implements, canes, wooden paddles, hair brushes and bath brushes, belts and straps, hand, etc.
As far as positions, over-the-knee, tied up while staning, tied up while laying down, bending over, etc?
As far as intensity, should it be harder than most of our videos, lighter, or about the same?

I am going to try to have 3-4 new models on the site soon, so you can give multiple recommendations, since we'll have multiple models coming soon!

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