January 2019 - New Models Coming Very Soon....and we want to hear your requests!
Regardless if you're a member or not, we want to hear what you want to see in the next videos.
E-Mail me at webmaster@GirlsSpankedHard.com

As far as the models go, what kind of body style, hair type, tattoos (yes or no), etc?
As far as model personality, reserved and quiet, nerdy, girl-next-door, naughty, college girl, slightly older professional, etc?
As far as clothing, tight jeans, nice dresses, plaid skirts, tight leggings, cotton panties, silk panties, thongs, etc?
As far as the implements, canes, wooden paddles, hair brushes and bath brushes, belts and straps, hand, etc.
As far as positions, over-the-knee, tied up while staning, tied up while laying down, bending over, etc?
As far as intensity, should it be harder than most of our videos, lighter, or about the same?

I am going to try to have 3-4 new models on the site soon, so you can give multiple recommendations, since we'll have multiple models coming soon!

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Member's Area

Original Formats: The vast majority of our video clips are of WMV format and the resolution/data rates are 640x480/1024, 320x240/512 and 320x240/192. These are the three formats that we used since we started the company. Therefore, most of the clips are available in these formats and resolutions.

Added WMV-1080-720/4096, Stopped Using WMV-320X240/192: However, in March 2013, we changed some formats. We will be keeping the WMV-640x480/1024 and WMV-320x240/512 for the foreseeable future. We will stop using the WMV-320x240/192, since it is a very low resolution. At will also begin adding WMV-1080X720/4096, which will be our highest resolution. Please keep in mind that this new WMV-1080X720/4096 resolution will not be available for all clips. it will be available for all new clips. We will do our best to add this resolution to the older clips over time.

Streaming Added: In March 2013, we also began adding Flash video for streaming. There are two resolutions, 640x480 and 320x240.

Screen Grabs: Screen grabs are almost always available for each scene. These are 720x480 and are JPG type.

Important Note: Please note that the above descriptions of what formats are available in the Member's Section are generally true in most cases. However, there may be times when a particular scene is not available for a given format. We are not required to add a particular format; however, if you request a particular scene to be added with one of these formats or resolutions listed in this section, we can usually accommodate your request.

Preview/Tour Samples

Flash Preview: In March 2013 we have added Flash streaming for the preview clips in the Tour pages. We are using 320x240 resolution. Keep in mind that this is the same exact format that we use in the Member's Section. So, if you can stream these samples, you should be able to stream the video clips in the Member's Section. We also typically have 640x480 resolution Flash streaming in the Member's Section too, but not for previews.

Downloadable Clips: In most cases, we will also have a version of the sample clips that can be downloaded, for visitors who prefer to download them, or who cannot stream the Flash sample clips. These are WMV type and have a resolution/data rate of 640x480/1024. Note that WMV is the downloadable format type that we use in the Member's Section. So if you can download and play these clips in the Tour section, then you should be able to download and play the ones in the Member's Section. Also, please note that the 640x480/1024 is our most common resolution in the Member's Section. However, we have 320x240/512 and 320x240/192. We will also typically have 1080x720/4096 for all new clips.

Streaming to Portable Devices

We will be adding MP4 format, which is a format that can typically be downloaded on a PC and played with various players, such as RealPlayer. However, this format can also usually be streamed via Android devices and iPads and iPhones. We will be adding this format to for the Tour samples and the Member's Section in the future. However, like the new Flash streaming and higher resolution 1080x720/4096, we will first be adding MP4 to all new clips, but will try to also add it to older clips as time goes on.

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